Our Production Facility


We’ve built our reputation on creating products that last and are created with the greatest degree of precision and care. Our team consists of experts in their field committed to achieving the highest standards of service for our customers through monitoring all steps and touch points during production while ensuring competitive prices, reliable delivery and efficient communication. All stages of the production process from prototypes, fit samples, sales samples through top of production is supervised and approved by our experienced team. To us, the job is not complete until we know that our customers are satisfied with the end-results. Putting our customers at the centre of all our efforts, our ultimate goal is to make our customers worry less about their sourcing process so you can focus more on other aspects of your business.

Knitting & Weaving

Our fabrics are produced in-house in our three-shift operation or sourced through a handpicked selection of suppliers located close by, so all sites can be assessed before production start and be monitored on a regular basis. All yarns utilised are tested and certified according to the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® (product class 1). Materials range from Bio-, Egyptian-, Pima-, MicroCotton to Tencel, Modal, Microfibre, Viscose and many more.


The fabric in its loom-state requires further treatment in order to be cleaned and to develop its full potential. Hence, a series of different processes is applied to achieve the desired optic and haptic quality. Furthermore, the fabric undergoes treatments such as dyeing (unless yarn-dyed), printing and finishing (e.g. anti-bacterial, water-repellence etc.) before it’s ready for the next step.

Quality Assurance

Our dedicated Quality Assurance Department maintains complete oversight every step of the way. No doubt that premium products start with premium raw materials and components. Hence, the inspection starts with the initial stage of raw and dyed fabric examination and is upheld throughout the entire process of fabric spreading and cutting inspection, pre-sewing garment assembly and final control.

Pattern & Cutting

Thanks to state of the art technologies that we utilise in our Cutting Department fabrics are laser-cut in a most precise and accurate way at high speed. The output is optimised as it minimises losses and reduces scrap waste generation.
After cutting, the cutting panels are checked again before they are transferred to the sewing workshop.


To make the garment more attractive further processes like printing or embroidery are done. Our 12-head computerized embroidery machines enable us to add value to your products and provide consistent quality even for complex requirements. Up to 11 colours can be processed here at once.


We are proud of our production assembly of accomplished seamstresses and tailors specialized in the workmanship of diverse fabrics and complicated styles. Here is where fabrics are transformed into high end products even if this involves more labour-intensive work.

Qualitätskontrolle, QS, Quality Service

Final Inspection

Our Quality Assurance Team checks the final product piece by piece against a variety of standards to ensure that garments are being made to meet or exceed your quality standards. At this stage checking is done for the general visual appearance, the measurements and conformity to stated sizing, quality of workmanship etc.


Our in-house export company YDY Tekstil Dis Ticaret Ltd. Sti provides support in all aspects regarding the transport and related administrative handling including customs clearance. We have vast experience in assisting our customers in managing international logistics in an efficient and cost effective way and ensure a smooth delivery from our door to your final destination.

Whether you seek for entirely new ideas or want to make sure your existing product concept is implemented in the best way possible, we provide it to you as a one-stop service. Starting from the idea creation over to the product development up to the reception of goods, you will benefit from our decades of experience in the production of woven and knitwear. At our own manufacturing plant in Turkey, we always work towards one goal: „satisfied customers“.


Once you provide us your request regarding a specific product or idea, we promptly check its feasibility.


Depending on client requirements, we provide proto samples, pre-production samples, Shipment samples, photo samples & salesman samples.


As part of the assignment, we work with you on your ideas and requirements until it suits you.


We manage the process of shipment for you – from the dispatch of goods over the customs clearance up to the delivery at your place.

We fulfil according to your production requirements